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Regarding the Importance of Photography

Of a reminder to begin knowing
that well beyond the moment
that I began to fade.

Of hyacinths and perfectly manicured lawns
Long winding trails into lush mountains

Into a hollowness, as empty as dawn
The reason this becoming
has no other importance
other than the urgency
of which it is now

Had there been a looking glass
I would see in a haze, with clear focus
then immediately darkening
a vast intersection of starlight

A mirror of my own reflection, shaped like a needlepoint
then hastily. There, either a thought-idea-daydream
weeping. running to stand effortlessly still.
seeing no more than what there is exactly to see.

The actual dream folded and unfolded. Upside down and inverted
Seeing no more then yet again


There will be a ceremony in Punjab Medical College, auditorium on 15th Sep, Friday @ about 9:30 am in which Shields will be awarded to the 2nd professional 2005 toppers.

UHS announced the date for final professional examination. It will commence on 11th December 2006.

UHS announced the date for 3rd professional examination. It will commence on 19th December 2006.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006 


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